Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus Information

Good afternoon,

I hope that this message finds you well. I have a quick update for you,

The Government have not yet published any specific details regarding the grades for GCSE and A Level this Summer but the Heads' Professional Association is meeting with OFQUAL and the Minister for Education later today. In the meantime, we just need to sit tight until we know and then we will contact parents with what we need to do. Students should keep safe any work that they have at home.

Like all schools, our shared area is struggling to cope with the increase in traffic so today, we have emailed teachers to ask them to put several lessons for their subject in to their files at one go so that not all students are trying to access it multiple times a day. Students are only expected to do ONE HOUR'S work for each subject each day. It would also help if some students accessed work outside the working day so that they have the following day's work available and therefore don't all log on at 9am.

Please take care of yourselves and follow the Government's advice so that we can all stay safe.

Kind regards,
Jeannette Walker

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